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I'm a BAD LJ-er 
9th-Jul-2010 01:49 pm
It's summer. It's HOT, finally. I'm soaking it up for as long as I can. Canadian summer, even in one of the southernmost places in BC, is over far too soon for my liking. So I'm trying to pack as much in as I can. I was up until 3AM last night trying to catch up on all my LJ interests. Didn't get through them all. If I missed anything interesting, let me know, OK?

As for me, things are good, but going too fast. Zoë will be TWO this month. She's clever and charming and a very fine example of toddlerhood. I am happy to show her off, if you want to see what she looks like.

I've been unable so far to get enough funds together to buy the equipment I need to finish my studio. For over a year now, I've been dreaming about getting my shit together enough to build some of the things that are sitting in my head. It would be so satisfying to set a torch to some metal! I have big sheets of copper sitting around, and enough sterling silver to push out at least five decent band rings. I'm picturing big, hollow, square copper bracelets with holes cut into them. I just need a torch and ventilation. Propane and oxygen and a decent fan would probably run me around $800 to $1,000 bucks. I have plenty of credit available, but no way will I be able to pay that off in a month. Not even a year, considering the home renovations I'm still struggling with and the fact that I earn minimum wage at a part time job at Subway. Oh, well. It will have to wait.

Tomorrow I'm going (DUN DUN DUN) nude sunbathing. I have an appointment to get a bikini wax in 45 minutes, so I look my best. I've been bare from the waist up at friends' private beaches before, but never 100% nude on a public beach. I'm a little nervous. My body isn't flawless, I know well. I'm too lazy to get into the spirit to work out and get enough cardio to take the 15-20 pounds I'm carrying around in a spare tire around my waist. I'm admittedly self-conscious about my waist. I know I look pretty good but this is totally new to me. What would you do, Lj friends?

I will be going with a MAN, too. Not my husband man. A friend of both of us, with a daughter only a few months younger than ours.

Here goes nothing, I guess....
12th-Jul-2010 01:45 am (UTC)
I haven't even been topless in public, so I can't imagine being completely nude, and especially with someone I know. But I give you my sincerest kudo's because that just speaks well of your confidence. I bet you look great, and you can just remember this- there will be some people there that look better, but there will sure as hell be people there that look worse. Don't sweat it, and have fun. Good to hear from you, and glad you are enjoying summer. Well, not the waxing, necessarily, but the rest of it... ;)
12th-Jul-2010 06:57 pm (UTC)
She's so adorable!

I wish I could nude sunbathe somewhere! Lucky lady!
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