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Bluesky Daydreams
Gypsy Wonderings
Overnight Holiday to Fernie 
24th-Aug-2010 12:17 pm
Zoë and I got back from a quick jaunt to Fernie last night. It was our first roadtrip together, and it was challenging but awesome.

ZoZo has an 80% grasp of potty training, we are just struggling with the poop issue. She doesn't like to sit on a big toilet and poop. So she crapped her pull-ups every time. Good thing she quit pooping 8 times a day like she was last year! Other than that, there were no accidents. This made wandering around downtown and shopping a lot easier.

We went to Fernie to visit husband, who has been out of town all month, save for a six-day reprieve in the middle of last week. Six days is not enough time to have our family be together all month! So I packed up our kid and an overnight bag, and a playpen and tent and sleeping bag for Zoë and away we went. When I checked in at our hotel with all our stuff for a simple overnight trip the lady at the desk called me a baby sherpa.

I was nauseous during dinner and couldn't eat my meal, but from how it smelled and from the recommendations on the walls I am sure the restaurant was very nice. Here's a little virtual tour of the place, it's just a 360 degree view, it's a tiny little place: http://www.virtualfernie.com/viewer.php?tour=currybowl

Zoë did NOT sleep well in the hotel room. Nor did she eat particularly well. But those minor complaints aside, it was a total success and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I'll post a quick photo I took of Kiddo and myself once I get them up on Facebook.
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